TOBG Wedding Blog...Mismatched bridesmaid dresses

TOBG Wedding Blog...Mismatched bridesmaid dresses

Posted by Christine Karavakis on 12th Jun 2017

From the bachelorette party to standing next to your friend on the most important day of her life, there are lots of awesome things about being a bridesmaid. Most would agree though, one not so awesome part of the experience for a lot of women is.......the dreaded bridesmaid dress. 

Why is it dreaded, you ask? It's expensive, it will most likely never be worn again, the color might not look good on certain people, it usually only fits one or two of the bridesmaids just right (if you're lucky)...the list goes on, but that last one is the most important point. Women's bodies are not all created equal and their dresses certainly shouldn't be either. What bride would want one of their best friends to spend an entire day and night in a dress that they didn't feel good in?

It doesn't have to be that way. One of the most refreshing wedding trends we've seen lately is mismatched dresses. This doesn't mean that everyone wears whatever they want...although, it could if that's what you want to do!. In reality it can mean whatever the heck you want it to. And, shouldn't that be how things are on your wedding day anyway...exactly what you want vs. what history/tradition dictates? We say go for it! Do what makes you and your girls happy.

Here's how it's done...

Same color and fabric, different styles

If you give your girls the option to choose a dress that FITS THEM, they're more likely to feel good, look good and maybe even get to wear the dress again. Win win!!

These ladies all have different body types. They all look elegant and comfortable in their dress styles. This is how it's done!! There are so many different styles to choose from....why not let them choose what works best for their body. 


Same style, different colors

Allow your bridesmaids to choose the color of their dress (from a pre-determined color palate, of course). This fun, colorful option is nice because certain colors work better with certain skin tones.


Different styles AND different colors

These dresses are different color and different styles and they still work together beautifully!

Take it as far as you want!

There are SO many colors, prints, fabrics and styles of dresses out there. Choose what works best for YOU and your girls.

A wedding should be a joyous occasion...this is such a simple way to ensure that everyone is happy and comfortable and can enjoy the day to the fullest.