Bridal Party Gifts

Special BRIDAL PARTY GIFTS are more than just an after thought

Bridesmaids and Groomsmen do a lot to make your wedding special. You want the gifts you give them to be a thoughtful token of appreciation of time and effort but also a remembrance of your wedding. TOBG Engraving in Crystal Lake helps hundreds of brides and grooms with their gifts every year. Here’s a few tips from the experts about selecting those special gifts for your bridal party.

What should I give?   The most important thing is make sure the gift is personal. These are your very best friends and closest family. Choose something that shows you thought about them personally. If you choose to get the same item for the entire bridal party, make sure you have it personalized. On the other hand, you do not have to get everyone the same present. Just to stick within the same price range for each person. Depending on the group sometimes different gifts is the only way to be personal.

Your gift should be timeless and multifunctional; something they want to keep. Wedding accessories worn the day of the wedding make lovely gifts, but chances are that a jewelry set or a purse that matches your bridesmaid dresses won't be worn after the wedding. But that doesn’t mean you can’t still incorporate something for the wedding day. For example choose a gift that is wearable (a necklace) and then add something useful (a personalized jewelry box or men’s valet).

When should I buy gifts?   It's better to buy them sooner rather than later. Aim for no later than two to three months prior to the wedding. Especially if you are thinking of personalized gifts. As the wedding approaches there will be plenty of final details that need your attention. Bridal gifts are one of the items that can and should be taken care of well before everything else needs your attention.

How much should I spend on gifts? There are two things to consider when deciding what you should spend on each person in your bridal party; what amount will your budget allow? And how much is each of your bridal party spending on being part of your special day?

Your bridal party understands all the expenses you are incurring for the wedding and won’t be upset if you can’t afford diamonds & crystal. There are a lots of gifts available that will show how truly appreciative you are without breaking the bank. The old cliché really is true….. “It’s the thought that counts.” This is where making sure the gift is personal and customized shows you put some thought into it. Even more than how much you spent.

But then there is the very real fact of what you've asked your bridal party to spend. If they will need to buy a plane ticket, hotel room, $400+ on a dress & shoes, the bridal shower, wedding and shower gifts, etc., then a $15 blingy flask might seem a little….ungracious. Your bridal party does not expect you to cover what they've spent, but you should be spending enough to say "I recognize & appreciate the time, effort, and money you are putting into this wedding."  Typically, the maid of honor and best man receive a bit more extravagant gift than the rest of the bridal party given their potential extra responsibility of a bachelor/bachelorette party and/or shower.

Who do I need to buy for?   It is not just your bridesmaids and groomsmen that you should be acknowledging. There are a lot of people you have asked to help you make this day unforgettable. Rule of thumb is if you ‘asked them’ to play a part in your wedding, some token of your appreciation is appropriate.

Flower girls, junior bridesmaids, junior groomsmen, ring bearers, readers, ushers, etc. It’s okay to spend less on these gifts, it’s all about making sure it’s personal and thoughtful. Buying gifts for the younger ones can be tricky but it’s still possible to do something personalized that is appropriate and they will treasure.

                        And don’t forget a special gift for your shower hostess(es). Even if they are already part of your bridal party. It’s appropriate to acknowledge the effort they put into this event for you. Even something simple…..a bouquet of flowers or a gift card in a nice card, says ‘I know you worked hard to do this shower for me’

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