Falling in Love Leafs Tree Wedding Guestbook

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leaf tree guestbook
2.50 LBS
Falling in Love Leafs Tree Wedding Guestbook

Instead of a standard guestbook use this custom made guest book at your wedding.  Each guest signs/leaves a message on an individual leaf shaped piece of the tree and you have a keepsake that won't just get put in the drawer.

This unique guestbook is 18" tall by 24" wide available with multiple number of pieces to fit every guest list.  The title piece is custom engraved with your new last name and wedding date.  Each of these quality product are individually cut out of 1/4 inch thick Birch wood.

There are two different size leaves for your guest to sign.  Smaller ones for individuals larger ones for groups or short messages and wishes. 

This unique item can come pre-assembled and just have your guests sign and you have a ready made piece of art to remember your day.  Alternatively, the pieces can be provided loose and you can lay them out to your liking after the big day.